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Stone waterproofing agent

Silicone-based, matte waterproofing and impregnating agent, with solvents. Remains clear after curing, it does not create a surface film, thus maintaining the breathability of the treated surfaces. A product with high penetrating ability (micro technology). It highlights the natural grain and veins of stone. It creates a ‘permanent wet’ look on the treated surfaces. Suitable for natural or artificial stone linings, on walls and floors, for both interior and exterior spaces. Protects the grout of the stone lining from moisture and possible deterioration due to frost, water absorption and consequently the appearance of salts. Mud rain, air pollutants, nicotine and soot from fireplaces, are easily removed from surfaces where two coats of RENOLIT were applied.



150-300ml/m², depending on the absorbency of the surface.


1lt, 4lt, 15lt