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Water and oil repelling agent for marble & granite

Siloxane-based, waterproofing and oil repelling agent with exceptional penetrating ability (micro technology). After its application, an invisible protection film is created that does not peel off or yellow and does not slip. Prevents staining absorption from oil, wine and soft drinks, ink, rust, pet stains, atmospheric pollutants, etc. It is applied on facades made from marble or granite, on all surfaces whether horizontal or vertical, interior or exterior. Its application prevents the absorption of atmospheric pollutants for at least 4 years and makes cleaning easier. Necessary on kitchen and bathroom counter tops, stairs, pebbles of all sizes and colors. It also protects polished or honed marble surfaces from the absorption of stains on balconies and interior spaces, after the watering of potted plants. Use it to protect statues and monuments.



100-150ml/m² per coat


1lt, 2.5lt