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Vinyl 500 gel

Highly deformable and thixotropic, vinyl tile adhesive

Advanced new GEL technology and highly flexible ceramic tile adhesive based on cement, reinforced with vinyl resins (vinyl acetate 3.50%). The adhesive’s fine grain formula, and the advanced new technology resins contained in its composition, give the mixture unique GEL properties, excellent thixotropy, workability, and ease of application. An adhesive of high performance and adhesive strength, powerful bonding, zero vertical slip and extended open time. Suitable for any type of tile installation, from glass mosaics to very large format tiles, but also natural stones. Distinguished for its durability against moisture, frost as well as expansions and contractions. Suitable for both interior and exterior applications. When working with large format tiles, the installation is done by the method of double-coat application, on the substrate, but also on the tile (tile back buttering).
Classified C2TE S1 per EN 12004 and EN 12002.

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