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    Leveling Clips

    Clips for leveling tiles

    The LEVELING CLIPS of DUROSTICK are designed to ensure the complete alignment of floor and wall linings. This is achieved by maintaining the exact distance between the tiles, the evenness of the surface, and the protection against movement-displacement of the tiles until the tile adhesive is dry. They hold the tiles at the desired level and eliminate the lippage (vertical displacement) between them. In addition, they assist the craftsman to install tiles with exactly the same grout joint width across the entire surface and to avoid any variation of the grout joint. Their wide variety in dimensions 1-1,5-2 and 3mm covers all applications in tiles. They can also be combined with regular cross-shaped spacers or tees (T) to create larger size grout joints. Particularly necessary for the installation of large format tiles. For their use, it is also necessary to use the LEVELING WEDGES as part of the leveling system.

    Product Details

    • Consumption

      Their consumption depends on the dimensions of the tiles. Indicatively, for 45x45cm tiles, the consumption ranges to about 18 pieces/m² while for 60cm tiles and above, the consumption ranges to about 6 pieces/m².

    • Packaging

      1mm (100pcs/box)

      1,5mm (100pcs/box)

      2mm (100pcs/box)

      3mm (100pcs/box)

    Product Details