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Thermoelastic Colour

Thermo ceramic energy efficient paint

High quality elastomeric acrylic ‘Cool’ paint with low thermal conductivity, and high reflectivity. Certified by the University of Athens (Department of Physics, Applied Physics Division), as energy efficient thermo ceramic paint for exterior wall surfaces. It is water vapour permeable. It thermally insulates, waterproofs and decorates vertical exterior new and/or existing building surfaces made of plaster, concrete, cement board, prefabricated building elements, etc. Exceptional for covering capillary cracks. It does not saponify. Maintains its flexibility from -20°C up to +80°C, while it exhibits excellent resistance to excessive temperature variations. Distinguished for its enduring whiteness and high coverage. It acts as a drying agent, considerably contributing to the reduction of moisture on the wall surfaces that is applied. Distinguished for its excellent coverage. Its final, white or colored appearance remains unaffected over time. In combination with the product for thermal protection and roof waterproofer TECHNOPROOF THERMO of DUROSTICK, it reduces the energy consumption for heating or cooling as well as the temperature in the summer months.

Product Details

  • Coverage

    Approximately 10-12/lt per coat, depending on the texture, the absorbency of the surface and the method of application

  • Packaging

    3lt, 10lt

  • Color

    Available in white that can be colored in 120 colors using DUROCOLOR, the Measuring System for Shade Rendering in 20ml syringe packaging

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Product Details