1 ENERGY&UPGRADE ENERGY SAVINGS Innovative System for Thermal Protection & Waterproofing

2 ENERGY UPGRADE & ENERGY SAVINGS Buildings consume large amounts of energy for their heating and cooling. A large amount of the consumed energy is, in fact, wasted, since the elements of many buildings’ structures, are without any or with insufficient insulation, resulting to uncontrolled energy loss. Therefore, saving energy is, nowadays a demand, not only in Europe but globally as well, as it contributes to the protection of the environment and leads to a significant reduction of the heating/cooling expenses. Energy loss in building structures 35 - 40% energy loss through the roof (sloped or horizontal) 12-14% energy loss through the floor Depicted below are the energy loss points in a residence, without thermal insulation 20-30% energy loss through the windows 18-25% energy loss through the walls

3 Saving energy & European reality The energy efficiency of a building and the comfortable living in its interior spaces are now a dominant issue for its occupants. Residences, offices or other professional facilities, should offer thermal comfort to their users, regardless of the season, and with the lowest energy consumption possible. Before 1990, buildings in Europe were constructed without insulation or with insufficient insulation, in a percentage that exceeds 70% of their total. DUROSTICK has studied, designed and certified the Class 1 External Thermal Insulation Composite System for buildings ‘THERMOSEAL’, as well as the Integrated Thermal Insulation and Waterproofing System for Roofs ‘COOLROOF’. Look for the relevant information on the company’s website Architects, civil engineers, craftsmen, but also owners of residences and business buildings, are looking for new techniques, systems and products that contribute to energy upgrading and provide energy savings in a building. DUROSTICK, comes at the right time and gives solutions for these demands also, with the Innovative System for Thermal Protection and Waterproofing of the outer shell of your property.

4 ENERGY UPGRADE & ENERGY SAVINGS  Easily, quickly, The biggest energy losses in a building structure come from its roof (35-40%). Due to its nature and location, the roof is stressed by its permanent exposure to environmental and weather conditions and over time it presents problems, initially of water tightness and then of costly repairs. Searching for a waterproofer that is both thermally protective and contributes to the energy upgrade of your building? Interested in protecting your building from time, external environmental conditions, mechanical and thermal stress, whether the building is unpainted - uninsulated, painted - waterproofed or even thermally insulated? Looking for an easy, fast, affordable and reliable waterproofing and thermal protection, energy-upgrading and energy-saving solution? Then, search no more! DUROSTICK HAS THE SOLUTION!

5  affordably... TECHNOPROOF THERMO + THERMOELASTIC COLOUR System ‘Cool’*, reflective products Reflective products are applied to the roof top and exterior wall surfaces. They reflect the sun’s ultraviolet rays and return them to the atmosphere. In this way, the temperature of the treated surfaces along with the heat absorption are significantly reduced. Therefore, due to the reduced thermal stress, the need to use an air conditioner (energy-related bills) is reduced and the service life and good performance of the application substrates (concrete slab, plaster, existing waterproofing or insulation) is increased. With the application of DUROSTICK’s innovative system, in addition to thermal protection, waterproofing is also achieved. The combination of the two products protects the building from the penetration of moisture from the external environment, creating a strong, energy efficient and water-repelling protective coat around it. This practically means that the heating system will consume energy for actually heating the space and not for drying the plaster on the walls and ceilings. *The certification of a material as ‘Cool’ is given by the environmental group of the University of Athens and concerns the high reflectivity of the product in solar radiation. The selection-application of ‘Cool’ products improves the energy efficiency of buildings, reduces the cost of using air conditioners and contributes to energy savings. This is achieved by reducing the temperature of the interior spaces in the summer and keeping the outer shell (wall, roof) airtight in the winter.

6 THERMAL PROTECTION & WATERPROOFING Waterproof & thermally protect the roof TECHNOPROOF THERMO Protect and energy upgrade our building. When starting the energy upgrade of a residence or business premises, the first point to intervene is the roof. It is necessary to be properly informed and choose the appropriate products. Select the top-quality, and of advance new technology, elastomeric thermal protection and roof waterproofer (2 in 1) TECHNOPROOF THERMO of DUROSTICK. Based on modified polyurethane and acrylic resins, its application creates a uniform protective membrane without seams or joints with exceptionally powerful bonding ability and flexibility, resistant to permanent moisture, standing water, and frost. In addition, and due to the glass microspheres contained in its formula and its excellent resistance to UV radiation, as well as its whiteness, and reflectivity, it also provides excellent thermal insulating properties to the surfaces it is applied. Reflective, certified ‘cool’ material with a reflectance in visible solar radiation SR(%) greater than 90% and a coefficient of thermal conductivity (λ) of 0.20 ±5% W/mK. Classified as product for surface protection of concrete surfaces per EN 1504-2. TECHNOPROOF THERMO thermally protects and at the same time waterproofs, new concrete surfaces without any waterproofing but also surfaces already waterproofed with acrylic, hybrid, cementitious products, or even torchdown roofing materials. It can also be applied to already thermally insulated surfaces to maintain their properties. It can be applied to metal roofs of homes, factories and storage facilities, and other roofing materials (worn-out roof panels of any type, but also on trailer/mobile homes, RV/motor homes, etc.). Suitable for application on containers

7 SYSTEM FOR BUILDING FACADES & ROOFS for storage and transport of products that may be sensitive to high and/or low temperatures. In combination with the thermoceramic energy efficient paint THERMOELASTIC COLOUR, it reduces the energy consumption for heating or cooling and the temperature in the summer months, forming a strong, energy efficient protective coat. The advantages of TECHNOPROOF THERMO include, among others: • I ts excellent resistance to extreme weather conditions. Maintains its flexibility, properties, and resistance at temperatures from -30°C to +90°C, over time. • Its resistance to atmospheric corrosive gases, carbon dioxide, sulfur oxides, chlorides, etc. • Its long-term resistance to UV radiation (no chalking). • Its walkability, without sticking (after its complete cure). • Its 50% lower thermal conductivity than other white waterproofers. • The ability to bridge capillaries and microcracks of the substrate and prevent their reappearance. • Ease of application with a roller, brush, or airless spray. Consumption: • 1.0kg/m2 for two coats, depending on the substrate and the application method. • 1.5kg/m2 for three coats, depending on the substrate and the application method (long-lasting protection-exceeding 15 years). Packaging: 4kg, 12kg & 20kg containers. roof (concrete slab) roof with TECHNOPROOF THERMO

8 THERMAL PROTECTION & WATERPROOFING Paint the exterior, waterproof & thermally protect THERMOELASTIC COLOUR Beautify, protect, and energy upgrade the building. Get properly informed and choose the appropriate products and paints, extracting the maximum economic, functional, and aesthetic benefits. Choose the innovative thermoceramic energy efficient paint THERMOELASTIC COLOUR of DUROSTICK for the walls. Waterproofing, reflective, certified ‘cool’ paint. An advanced new technology product and of top quality, due to the glass microspheres contained in its composition, which give it excellent reflective and dispersion properties for the solar (thermal) radiation they receive back to the environment. THERMOELASTIC COLOUR thermally protects, waterproofs, and decorates vertical exterior new, or already painted building surfaces made of plaster, concrete, cement boards, prefabricated building elements, etc. In combination with the waterproofing and thermal protection product TECHNOPROOF THERMO of DUROSTICK, it reduces the energy consumption for heating or cooling and the (indoor) temperature in the summer months. The advantages of THERMOELASTIC COLOUR, include, among others: • Its excellent resistance to adverse weather and environmental conditions that can be characterized by extreme temperature variations, high humidity, frost, intense sunlight, alkaline atmosphere, the concentration of urban and industrial air pollutants, etc.

9 SYSTEM FOR BUILDING FACADES & ROOFS • Its water vapour permeability. It prevents the condensation of water vapour inside the building, as it does not favor the creation of mold. • The thermoceramic elastic membrane that its application creates, perfectly bridges capillary cracks, waterproofs, and provides effective protection against fungi and algae. • It acts as an effective barrier to the disintegration of the plaster and carbonization of the concrete. • Maintaining its flexibility in a range of temperatures between -20°C to +80°C. • Its strong adhesion and high coverage. • Its final, white or colored appearance that remains unchanged over time. Note: In order to achieve the maximum energy upgrade benefits, select the white or a light color. Coverage: Approximately 10-12m2/lt per coat, depending on the texture, the absorbency of the surface and the method of application. Packaging: 3lt & 10lt containers.

10 The surface must be sound, dry, clean, free of loose materials, dust, mud rain, salts, etc. Green or black surfaces, as well as surfaces with mold, moss and lichen, are cleaned with D-95 CLEANER of DUROSTICK. Detached or deteriorated elastomeric waterproofers, have to be removed using a wide roofing scraper or a razor blade. Apply it without primer, on elastomeric or cementitious waterproofer that is in good condition. Prime with: • AQUAFIX or SOLVENT-BASED PRIMER (diluted 50% with THINNER 101 of DUROSTICK), for cementitious surfaces. • AQUAFIX (diluted 20% with water), on well adhered torchdown roofing materials, to stabilize their pebbles. Prime with: WATERPROOF EPOXY PRIMER AQUA, on worn-out cementitious surfaces, non-absorbent tiles, sections where detached torch-down roofing materials have been removed. TECHNOPROOF THERMO (ROOF) Before the applicati THERMAL PROTECTION & WATERPROOFING

11 on of the system… TECHNOPROOF THERMO (METAL ROOF PANELS), must be pressure washed to remove surface rust and other deposits. It is recommended to apply RUST REMOVER of DUROSTICK on very rusty surfaces, and then protect them from corrosion by using either the NATURAL RED LED or the METAL PRIMER of DUROSTICK. Seal around the installation screws with the polyurethane sealant DUROFLEX-PU of DUROSTICK (before the application of TECHNOPROOF THERMO). Please find detailed instructions on the packaging of the products or in their Technical Brochures at SYSTEM FOR BUILDING FACADES & ROOFS

12 THERMAL PROTECTION & WATERPROOFING Apply it without primer, on already painted and sound surfaces. Prime with: AQUAFIX or 100% ACRYLIC PRIMER peeling surfaces, after the removal of deteriorating sections (peeling paints). Prime with: AQUAFIX or SOLVENT-BASED PRIMER, on new marble-based plaster surfaces. Prime with: SOLVENT-BASED PRIMER, diluted with THINNER 101 of DUROSTICK, on new concrete surfaces. Concrete and marble-based plaster must be dry and free from loose materials and oils. At least 30 days must have passed from their construction completion. THERMOELASTIC COLOUR (EXTERIOR WALL SURFACES) Before the applicati

13 SYSTEM FOR BUILDING FACADES & ROOFS Remove formwork oils, if any, using the biodegradable cleaner BIOCLEAN INDUSTRIAL. Dilute THERMOELASTIC COLOUR with clean, cool water at a ratio of 5-10%, depending on the substrate, and mix well. Apply with brush, roller or airless spray in 2 coats. Apply the second coat, after the first one is completely dry. Possible additional products, depending on the wall surface: D-32, for repair on marble-based plaster.  HYDROSTOP PLASTER ELASTIC or MEGAFIX, for extensive damage to plaster and for surfaces with intense expansions and contractions.  D-55, DUROFIX, or another DUROSTICK repair product, for the restoration of concrete elements. For additional information, please contact the Technical Support Team of DUROSTICK by email at on of the system…

14 ENERGY UPGRADE & ENERGY SAVINGS The advantages of the system TECHNOPROOF THERMO + • Ideal for new constructions and renovations of buildings, other private and commercial facilities. • Strong adhesion to plaster, concrete, metal ceilings and facades. • Does not affected by UV radiation (no chalking). • Does not saponify. • Covers hairline and capillary cracks and prevents their reappearance. • Follows the expansions and contractions of the walls/roofs. • It is water vapour permeable. • Reflective thermal protection: Thermal comfort - protection from external temperatures - energy efficiency. • Prevents the condensation of water vapour inside the building, while at the same time it protects the membrane formed by the product application, from the growth of microorganisms (black and green mold). • Reduces heat absorption, due to the glass microspheres contained in both products’ formulas, which give them excellent reflective and dispersion properties that return back in the environment the solar (thermal) radiation they receive (the coated surfaces), at a rate of over 90%. • Significantly reduces energy consumption for heating or cooling. • Reduces the indoor temperature in the summer months by up to 40%, forming a strong, energy efficient protective coatς. • Very efficient in hot climates (it assists buildings to stay cool).

15 THERMOELASTIC COLOUR • Waterproofs the surfaces where it is applied and protects them from moisture. • Extremely resistant to adverse weather conditions. • Compatible with existing thermal insulating and waterproofing systems. • As an application system, it is a smart and affordable solution in terms of waterproofing and thermal protection of new or existing buildings, especially those built before 1990. • Contributes to the energy upgrade of buildings and residences. In comparison to other insulation systems: • Minimal surface prep (elevation of solar water heaters, tanks, photovoltaic panels). • Does not take up volume (small thickness) and does not add weight to the construction. • Lower costs (products, labor). • Ease and reduced application time (fewer products, fewer application steps). • Ideal ratio of price and quality. Do it yourself...or with the help of a great professional! with one look!

16 ENERGY UPGRADE & ENERGY SAVINGS See, for example, some of the ap TECHNOPROOF THERMO + Keeping the tradition alive (the Aegean white of the Cyclades) and energy upgrading! Already waterproofed roofs, for thermal protection - besides waterproofing. Already thermally insulated buildings, for preserving and protecting their properties! Fortify thermal insulation systems, to limit the energy losses from the windows (if they are not energy efficient!)

17 plications of the system THERMOELASTIC COLOUR For a better indoor climate for your customers, with reduced consumption for heating and cooling! For building protection and better working conditions for the staff! Contributes to the energy upgrade, regardless the energy class your property has been registered under! For safely storing temperature- sensitive products.


19 Make the Innovative Choice! Whatever the weather, be sure that with DUROSTICK’s innovative Thermal Protection and Waterproofing system, your building will be more energy efficient, safe, and protected, while you will enjoy comfortable living conditions on your premises. Protect structures from environmental and weather conditions-energy upgrade and save energy. We wish you success in your projects and remember, we are just a click away by sending a message to our email address Our Technical Support Team is at your disposal for any information that might be necessary to proceed safely with the energy upgrading and energy saving projects of your buildings. Our long-term experience (since 1988) in the performance of leading, branded, and tested in every condition, products and systems of DUROSTICK, guarantees the safety of your choice. DUROSTICK, because your residence and/or business premises, your family, and your employees deserve the best! Provide them with a building that is warm in the winter and cool in the summer!

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