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Decofin Epoxy SF

Two-component epoxy varnish with gloss finish for microcement & natural stones

High strength, two-component epoxy varnish with gloss finish, without solvents. Highly resistant to abrasion, acids and alkalis as well as chlorinated and salt (sea) water. It creates a hard, non-absorbent and completely sealed surface. The cured product does not promote bacteria growth on its surface and is suitable for areas with strict hygiene requirements. Ideal for applications in swimming pools, fountains, kitchen countertops and commercial kitchens, catering halls, restaurants, hotels, entertainment venues, etc. Protects and highlights the decorative stone carpets QUARTZ DECO indoors, as well as bathrooms, showers and swimming pools. Due to its exceptional surface hardness, it is suitable for floors with ‘high demands’ in mechanical and chemical resistance. The addition of ANTISLIP ADDITIVE POWDER, at a rate of 2% to 4% by weight of the liquid varnish, gives an antislip top surface to the coated floors.

Classified SR-B2.0-AR0.5-IR4 per EN 13813.

Product Details

  • Consumption

    200-300gr/m² per coat, depending on the absorbency of the surface

  • Packaging

    750gr (A: 480gr, B: 270gr), 5kg (A: 3,20kg, B: 1,80kg)

  • Color


Product Details