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Epoxy Putty

Two-component epoxy putty for repairs

Two-component epoxy putty, without solvents. With strong adhesion, excellent workability and thixotropy, suitable for several repairs sealing and smoothing applications on concrete surfaces, cement screeds and mortars, cement board, metal surfaces, etc. Ideal to repair and restore damage (sealing, spackling), but also for smoothing surfaces before applying the floor paint system POLYUREA FLOOR COATING, the epoxy paint systems DUROEPOXY (solvent-based) and DUROEPOXY FLOOR SF (solvent-free) on floors, industrial floors, swimming pools, showers, fountains and cisterns. Use it for coating surfaces to increase grip and stability for the quartz aggregate mixture QUARTZ DECO (grain size up to 2mm) with the epoxy resin QUARTZ DECO EPOXY on interior walls, and stairs or swimming pools, and the polyurethane resin QUARTZ DECO PU on walls and stairs. Seals capillary cracks, but also larger gaps on concrete surfaces, without shrinking, cracking or sagging when applied on vertical surfaces.

Classified as a structural bonding product for existing concrete structures per EN 1504-4, and RG per EN 13888.

Product Details

  • Consumption

    • As preparation coating for QUARTZ DECO: 0.3-0.6kg/m², depending on the substrate.
    As repair putty: 1.5-1.8kg/m²/mm thick coat.

  • Packaging

    Set of 6 2,5kg (A: 1250gr, B: 1250gr)

  • Color


Product Details