building? maintaining? repairing? renovating? the solutions are here!


We always aspire to have the best possible sense of the market and of the needs of our associates but also of the customers of our associates (end-users, individuals and building/construction professionals).

We manufacture products that we support with a variety of sale promotions, publicity campaigns, and advertising in general, which reinforce our
presence in the market and deservingly place our products squarely against the competitions’.
We create substantial, long-term and mutually beneficial relations with our associates (retail stores), but also with the end-users of our products, craftsmen and professionals as well as individual consumers.

• Within the last three decades, 266.790.000  m² of wall and floor tiles were installed with tile adhesives and grouts of DUROSTICK.
• Also, 30.093.305  m² of varying surfaces were sealed, painted, sealed with our respective products.
75.525 tons of improving additives for building mortars and 
15.820 tons of special products have supported thousands of structures. 

Since 2011, 1,030,000 m² of surfaces were lined and decorated with the pressed cement screeds of DUROSTICK.