Corporate Social Responsibility, a term that is now widely used, is explained in different ways. One of them belongs to the European Commission (2006): "A concept according to which companies integrate, on a voluntary basis, social and environmental concerns in their business activities and their contacts with other concerning parties".

This general description covers the essence and necessity of corporate social responsibility actions. However, it can be implemented within a broader context, depending on the national, geographical and cultural identity that characterizes the entity that expresses it.

DUROSTICK, being one of the largest manufacturing industries in Greece, adopts Corporate Social Responsibility actions, reflecting its substantial interest in the country from which it originates, and for which it has been providing solutions for every construction need for some 30 years.

DUROSTICK's goal is to adopt actions on yearly bases that will strengthen and provide solutions to every aspect of the European society, wherever the company can assist.        
This is achieved through a series of actions, such as:

  • Supporting and empowering the company's human resources.
  • Creating joint support actions with synergy between company and employees.
  • The philosophy of quality and development with the products/solutions it manufactures and provides.
  • Initiatives to support local communities, institutions, NGOs etc.
  • The backing and active support of sports and cultural organizations.

In this way, the basic vision and core philosophy of its founder are both satisfied, by channeling them into the community that surrounds the company. This community consists of workers, the market, local societies, institutions and organizations, society in general and the environment