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Waterproof PU 700

100% Polyurethane roof waterproofer

Top quality and high performance, brushable one-component elastomeric polyurethane roof waterproofer with long life. Its use creates a uniform protective membrane, without seams or joints, with exceptional adhesion to the substrate, excellent resistance to UV radiation and standing water. It maintains its properties and flexibility at temperatures from -40oC to +90oC. It has high mechanical and chemical resistances – it is impermeable to water but water vapour permeable. Suitable for long-term waterproofing and protection of roofs, balconies, cement boards and drywall. It is also applied over roof mosaics, concrete slabs, new or weathered liquid membranes, polyurethane foam, existing and well-adhered asphalt membranes, metal surfaces etc. In addition, it is suitable for application before the installation of thermal insulating slabs on roofs, in roof gardens, etc. Classified as product for surface protection of concrete surfaces per EN 1504-2.

Product Details

  • Consumption

    • Minimum consumption of 1.5-1.8kg/m² , depending on the substrate and application method.

    • Maximum consumption of 750gr/m² per coat, to avoid bubble creation in its mass.

  • Packaging

    6kg, 25kg

  • Color


Product Details