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Nano Proof Fabric DS-300

Oil and water repelling impregnation agent for textiles

Water and oil repelling, waterborne spray with high impregnation properties, based on nanotechnology. It creates a thin, invisible shield of high strength and durability. It repels moisture without altering the look and texture of fabrics. Once applied, it facilitates wateronly cleaning of the fabric and prevents damage from detergent use. It waterproofs most synthetic and closely woven cotton fabrics and also prevents the absorption of stains from oil, wine, coffee, drinks, etc. Use NANO PROOF FABRIC DS-300 to easily protect closely woven fabrics, carpets, wall to wall carpeting, curtains, sofas and car upholstery fabrics. Protect awning fabrics and canvas, sports shoes, handbags and in general, items made of fabric.



Depending on the nature and absorbency of the surface.


500ml, 3.5lt, 18lt


White (becomes transparent when dry)