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Self levelling, fast setting cement screed for levelling floors, for thicknesses of 3-30mm

Pourable, self levelling cement screed, for thicknesses from 3mm to 30mm. It is fast setting and curing, without any shrinkage cracks. Distinguished for its high mechanical strengths against abrasion, compression and impacts. Also distinguished for its strong adhesion to any mineral substrate. It presents excellent rheology, workability and has the ability to be pumped. Ideal for levelling and for smoothing of concrete floors, cement screed or existing mosaics, with a coating of up to 30mm thick per coat. The newly created level floor can be lined with marble, tiles, vinyl flooring, carpet, hardwood flooring, microcement (pressed cement screed), etc. Suitable for interior floor applications. Ideal solution for preparing substrates to accept heavy loads (weights) and heavy traffic. It is also ideal for flooring installations over floor radiant heating systems, providing that the expansion joints of the substrate/slab are maintained throughout. It yields a smooth, durable finish surface with abrasion resistant properties, naturally making it the ideal choice for creating new interior floors in shopping malls, supermarkets, stores, exhibition centers, etc., before their lining with finishing materials.
Classified CT-C50-F15-AR2 per EN 13813.



Approximately 1.7kg/m²/mm thick coat