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Polystyrene cutter

DUROSTICK polystyrene cutter is an easy to use equipment for expanded (EPS) and extruded (XPS) polystyrene panels. It is equipped with a heat wire cutting system.
It consists of two arms, one to each side. The left arm allows angle settings ranging from 0-45°. The right arm also functions as a ruler, it bears lengthwise measurements and includes a special metal stop. The handle on which the wire is attached may be shifted transversely to the aforementioned direction with angle settings ranging from 0-55°. Use this tool to easily make cross, miter or rip cuts. Create and restore factory ribbed edges around the panels quickly and accurately. The device operates with a low voltage transformer (30V) connected with power supply of 220V. Note that all polystyrene panels to be cut have to be clean from adhesive residues.



Cut length: 1350mm
Cut depth: 220mm
Weight: 4.4kg
Base: Welded, aluminium powder coating
Base dimensions: 1730 x 300 x 90mm
Thermal Safety Transformer: 30V/160 Watts 230V- 50/60Hz / IP 54


Carton Box 1pcs