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Quartz Primer Thermo

Quartz grip primer for topcoat plasters

Ready for use, solvent-free primer, based on acrylic resins, quartz aggregates with grain size from 0.1-0.4mm, and special additives. Apply it on interior and exterior surfaces made of plaster, thermal insulation board adhesives, and already painted surfaces, as long as the paint is well adhered and the surface is sound. It acts as a bonding bridge between the substrate and the final coating, but also as a color stabilizer (when colored in a similar color as the final coating). Suitable before the application of topcoat plasters and coatings in paste form applied on external thermal insulation systems (ETICS). Ideally combined with silicone and acrylic-based plasters in paste form, such as HYDROSTOP SILICONE PLASTER, HYDROSTOP ACRYLIC PLASTER and HYDROSTOP THERMO PLASTER of DUROSTICK. Easy to work with, fortifies the grip and durability of the topcoat plaster, on the surfaces where it is applied.

Product Details

  • Consumption

    Approximately 250gr/m², depending on the substrate.

  • Packaging

    5kg, 15kg

  • Color


Product Details