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Hydrostop Antique

Cement free repair and restoration plaster, based on hydrated lime and Eco-Pozzolan

Ready-mixed, cement-free resinous plaster. Based on hydrated lime and Eco-Pozzolan, as well as silicate and carbonate aggregates of consistent grain size. Distinguished for its easy workability, adhesion and durability, as well as its ability to maintain the breathability of the building elements. The complete absence of cement makes it perfectly suitable for the renovation of traditional buildings and for the restoration of degraded topcoat plasters. Highly recommended and uniquely appropriate for the renovation of building and monument surfaces of historical interest, wherever there are technical or aesthetical requirements. Suitable for interior and exterior plastering and restoration of traditional building surfaces that have been constructed with techniques and materials passed down through time and tradition, such as Pozzolan, hydrated lime, ceramic powder, etc. Apply it in thicknesses of up to 15mm per coat.
Classified R: CSII per EN 998-1.

Product Details

  • Consumption

    1.5kg/m²/mm thick coat.

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Product Details