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DS-245 Power Mortar Rapid

Thixotropic and fiber-reinforced rapid set repair mortar, for thicknesses of up to 4cm/coat

High strength fiber-reinforced repair cementitious mortar of controlled shrinkage. The product is fortified with stainless microspheres and selected aggregates. It is highly thixotropic with outstanding workability and finish. Suitable for rapid set concrete repairs that require high strength and durability. Ideal for quick repairs of deteriorated balcony fascias and roof repairs. It restores any construction defect after concrete pouring, such as honeycombs, rod holes, etc. Effective for any repair on horizontal or vertical concrete surface that has been damaged by abrasion, impact or carbonation. Classified PCC R4 as concrete repair product per EN 1504-3.



Approximately 18kg//cm thick coat


5kg, 25kg