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DS-244 Power Mortar Resin

Thixotropic, resinous and fiber-reinforced repair mortar, for thicknesses of up to 6cm/coat

High-strength, fiber-reinforced, and resinous repair cementitious mortar. Contains metallic microspheres, synthetic resins, special additives, and silica fume. It presents exceptional adhesion to the substrate. It does not shrink and it is highly thixotropic with outstanding workability. Suitable for high-demand concrete repairs on horizontal and vertical surfaces, even on concrete slabs/roofs, without any formwork (up to 6cm thickness). It restores all construction imperfections in concrete.
Classified PCC R4 as concrete repair product per EN 1504-3.

Product Details

  • Consumption

    Approximately 18kg/m²/cm thick coat

  • Packaging

    5kg, 25kg

  • Color


Product Details