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Polypropylene fibres 6 & 12mm long

Polypropylene fibres (PP) of special process. Their addition creates a three-dimensional matrix, which functions as reinforcement that prevents the formation of hairline cracks (cracking) during the curing process. They are a reinforcing additive for concrete, cement and lime mortars. They improve flexibility, impact resistance and surface abrasion, as well as their cohesiveness. They combine perfectly with DUROSTICK improving emulsions and plasticizers. They are not affected by alkalis or acids. Their addition during the concrete homogenization process, will not damage the internal parts of mixing and pumping machinery. Certified per EN 14889-2.

Note: The addition of DUROFIBRE 6mm fibre is necessary in mortars whose aggregates are less than 10mm. The addition of DUROFIBRE 12mm fibres is necessary in shotcrete or plain concrete, with aggregate grain size greater than 10mm.

Product Details

  • Consumption

    6mm: From 600-900gr/m³ of concrete or mortar.
    12mm: From 900-1200gr/m³ of concrete or mortar.
    Depending on the demand of the reinforcement.

  • Packaging

    900gr (6mm and 12mm)

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Product Details