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Solvent-based impregnating color wood stain

Water repelling and impregnating wood stain, suitable for interior and exterior use. Apply it on wood windows and doors, furniture,
fences, pergolas, eaves and canopies, clay roofing tile beams as well as balcony and terrace railings, etc. Contains UV filters and resists intense sunlight, moisture, frost and salt. It decorates with 11 selected, available colors, covering every aesthetic requirement as it transforms light woods into the color of choice without affecting its natural grain. Resistant to time wear and fading, it does not peel, bubble or burst. For long-term protection of exterior surfaces, apply over the cured stain either DUROLAC or MARINER varnish of DUROSTICK.

Product Details

  • Coverage

    Approximately 8-10m²/lt per coat, depending on the type and absorbency of the wood.

  • Packaging

    750ml, 2.5lt

  • Color

    11 available colors

Rankings - Certifications

Product Details