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Durolac Aqua

Decorative and protective waterborne wood varnish

Clear and odorless acrylic varnish for interior and exterior use. Exceptionally durable against moisture. It contains powerful, advanced new technology UV filters for effective protection from the destructive action of ultraviolet rays of the sun. It is flexible, does not crack, has a high resistance to scratches, and allows wood to breathe. The clear varnish enhances the wood grain and color, highlighting its natural beauty. Apply it on any wood construct, such as doors and windows, fences, and pergolas, balcony and terrace railings, overhangs, and furniture, etc. Ideal for use in interior spaces that are not adequately ventilated because it is completely odorless. Use it
together with the clear wood preservative DUROXYL Aqua TOTAL WOOD PROTECTION or the color stains DUROXYL AQUA to achieve a top-quality system of unsurpassed long-lasting wood protection. Available in gloss and satin finish.

Product Details

  • Coverage

    Approximately 7-12m²/lt per coat, on properly prepared surfaces

  • Packaging

    750ml, 2.5lt

  • Color


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