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Stucofix Elastic Putty

Flexible putty for joints, cracks and smoothing surfaces

Elastomeric, sealing putty with ceramic microspheres that is ready for use, odorless and solvent-free. Suitable for interior and exterior use. It is easy to work with and presents very low shrinkage. It adheres perfectly to coarse and porous surfaces without primer. As a levelling product, it yields a smooth surface that is ready for painting with water-soluble paints, without primer. Suitable for many applications of flexible sealing, waterproofing and levelling on surfaces made of plaster, concrete, brick, gypsum board, cement board, wood, MDF, etc.

Gypsum board - Cement board: Sealing of joints and of capillary cracks, as well as coating the installation screw holes. Ideal for spackling gypsum board and cement boards before painting them.

dB BLOCK: Spackling of the soundproofing coating without primer, in order to paint it with SUPER ECO and/or elastomeric paints.

Wall surfaces made of plaster or concrete: It covers cracks from 0.1mm and up to 10mm on walls and does not favor their reappearance. In cracks with a width and depth of more than 10mm, a polyurethane backer rod should be installed first. The product is also suitable as spackling putty for interior walls and ceilings made of plaster, concrete and gypsum board.

Cracks on roofs: It covers capillaries and cracks from 0.1 and up to 3mm. Use a metal taping knife without any tape, on roofs to be waterproofed with elastomeric (No39, TECHNOPROOF, DS-220), polyurethane (HYDROSTOP-PU) or cementitious waterproofers (HYDROSTOP ROOF, TWO COMPONENT HYDROSTOP).



As sealant: Depending on the application. Indicatively, 1kg fills 24 linear meters of a 5x5mm joint
As smoothing product: 1kg/1.5-2.5m², depending on the surface


1kg, 5kg, 15kg