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Stucofix Elastic Putty

Flexible putty for joints, cracks and smoothing surfaces

Elastomeric, sealing putty with ceramic microspheres that is ready for use, odorless and solvent-free. Suitable for interior and exterior use. It is easy to work with and presents very low shrinkage. It adheres perfectly to coarse and porous surfaces without primer. As a leveling product, it yields a smooth surface that is ready for painting with water-soluble paints, without primer. Covers multiple types of flexible application sealing, waterproofing and leveling on surfaces made of plaster, concrete, brick, drywall, cement board, wood, MDF, etc. Sanded and painted with exceptional ease.
Drywall - Cement board: Sealing of joints and of capillary cracks, as well as coating the installation screw holes. Ideal for spackling drywall panels and cement boards before painting them.
dB BLOCK: Spackling of the multipurpose paste, without primer, in order to paint it with SUPER ECO and/or elastomeric paints.
Wall surfaces made of plaster or concrete: It covers cracks from 0.1mm up to 10mm
on walls and does not favour their reappearance. In cracks with a width and depth of more
than 10mm, a polyurethane backer rod should be installed first. The product is also suitable
as spackling putty for interior walls and ceilings made of plaster, concrete and drywall.
Cracks on roofs: It covers capillaries and cracks from 0.1 up to 3mm. Use a metal taping knife without any tape, on roofs to be waterproofed with elastomeric (No39, TECHNOPROOF, DS-220), polyurethane (such as HYDROSTOP-PU) or cementitious waterproofers (HYDROSTOP ROOF, TWO-COMPONENT HYDROSTOP).

Product Details

  • Consumption

    As sealant: Depending on the application. Indicatively, 1kg fills 24 linear meters of a 5x5mm joint
    As smoothing product: 1kg/1.5-2.5m², depending on the surface

  • Packaging

    1kg, 5kg, 15kg

  • Color


Product Details