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D-80 Hydrostop Elastic

Elastomeric and sealing paint

Elastomeric paint and sealer that is suitable for exterior use on various vertical surfaces and walls. Apply it on new and/or previously painted surfaces. It covers hairline cracks and prevents their reappearance. It does not saponify and shields all surfaces that is applied on. It remains flexible through a wide range of temperatures (from -20°C and up to +80°C). It is exceptionally durable to rapid temperature variations, and intense sunlight. It is resilient to constant moisture, snow and frost, in urban, mountainous and coastal environments. Its excellent whiteness and high coverage delivers timeless and perfectly finished surfaces without a need for recoating with other acrylic paints for extended periods of time. 



Approximately 10-13/lt per coat, depending on the texture, the absorbency of the surface and the method of application


3lt, 10lt


Available in white that can be colored in 120 colors using DUROCOLOR, the Measuring System for Shade Rendering in 20ml syringe packaging