Top quality elastomeric and sealing paint that is suitable for exterior use on vertical surfaces - walls. It is applied on new or already painted building fascias, covers capillary and hairline cracks and ‘prevents’ their reappearance. It can be painted in hundreds of shades, through the DUROSTICK COLOR COLLECTION SYSTEM and DUROCOLOR shades. ELASTOMERIC & SEALING PAINT FOR OUTDOOR SURFACES

It is the ideal product for the protection, waterproofing and decoration of exteriors of buildings, in urban, mountainous and coastal environment Successfully follows expansions and contractions of the surface by remaining flexible from -20°C up to +80°C. We choose the D-80 HYDROSTOP elastic because: It has excellent waterproofing properties. Shields surfaces. It forms a powerful elastic protective mantle, extremely resistant to rapid temperature changes, intense sunshine, constant humidity, snow and frost. It has strong adhesion, great coverage and performance. Paint on any acrylic and repaint with any acrylic. Gives timeless, perfectly finished surfaces, with high whiteness, but also in hundreds of shades. Note: Exterior surfaces, painted with questionable quality paints or ‘damaged’ by time, it is recommended to be primed with SOLVENT BASED PRIMER of DUROSTICK.

Test the strength! Place the sample in a glass of water for a month and check its strength, even in permanent immersion. Realistic application sample

The ideal paint to apply on: Urban, Mountainous and coastal environment

ELASTOMERIC & SEALING PAINT FOR OUTDOOR SURFACES Characteristics & Advantages: • Sealer & paint together in one product. • Elastic, covers capillaries & hairline cracks and ‘prevents’ their reappearance. • Does not stick, does not swell, nor peel off and does not discolor. • Does not saponify or emulsified. • Protects plaster from disintegration and concrete from carbonation. • High water repellency and water vapor permeability. • Ease of application. • Top durability over time (multiple compared to common acrylic paints). • Highlights whiteness, but also each shade. • Painted in a big range of shades. • It is an excellent choice in areas where adverse weather and environmental conditions prevail (atmospheric pollutants, buildings in coastal and mountainous areas). • Provides high and long-term protection of external walls. Coverage: Approximately 10-13m²/lt per coat, depending on the texture, the absorbency of the surface and the application method. Packaging: 3lt & 10lt container. DUROSTICK S.A. ATHENS: ASPROPYRGOS, ATTICA, GR: 193 00, Tel.: +30 211 60 03 500-599, Fax: +30 210 55 99 612 THESSALONIKI: INDUSTRIAL PARK-SINDOS, S.B. 44, STREET DA 10, GR: 570 22, Tel.: +30 2310 795 797, +30 2310 797 365, Fax: +30 2310 797 367, www.durostick.com, e-mail: info@durostick.com 02/2023 www.durostick.com