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MS Powerglue Deck

Powerful and flexible glue for wood floors

Powerful, ready to use, one-component adhesive, suitable for installing wood floors. Distinguished for its strong adhesion, ease of application, high bonding strength and flexibility. Based on silyl terminated polymer, it polymerizes with the substrate and atmospheric moisture and becomes a cohesive material. Ensures unbreakable adhesion to floors that are subjected to vibration, expansions and contractions. Also resistant to temperature variations (from -40°C to +90°C), and is resistant to moisture and ageing. It does not contain water or solvents, and does not cause wood swelling. Suitable for installing all types of hardwood floors (solid, laminate, etc.), as well as small and large-size wood boards on standard construction substrates. Ideal for radiant floor heating systems and for installing prefinished wood floors. In addition, suitable for installing TEAK or IROCO wood lining onto GEL COAT boat coatings.

Product Details

  • Packaging

    12kg plastic container (two aluminum 6kg bags)

  • Consumption

    1.4-1.6kg/m², depending on the notch size of the trowel and the roughness of the substrate

  • Color


Product Details