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Solvent based matte varnish for microcemento (pressed cement screeds) and natural stones

Acrylic clear impregnation varnish with matte finish. It has strong UV filters, and it is extremely resistant to solar radiation, providing long lasting protection to interior and exterior surfaces. It does not peel off nor yellow over time. It creates a strong, water and oil repellent protective film that does not shine. It enhances any surface it is applied on and highlights their natural tones and colors. The perfect aesthetic effect that the application of VISTA creates, makes it the ideal choice for coating microcemento (decorative pressed cement screed) surfaces, DS-252 FLEX, DS-254 IRON & DS-256 FLEX VELVET, the screed in paste form DS-258 DECO MICRO FLEX as well as any natural stone lining on floors or building facades.


Consumption 1lt/5-8m2, depending on the absorbency of the surface.
Packaging 750ml, 2.5lt.