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Quartz Deco

Quartz aggregates of various grain sizes

QUARTZ DECO are natural quartz aggregates, in various grain sizes (0.1mm-8mm), colors and shapes, in a multitude of architectural and decorative proposals, on floors, stairs, walls, showers and pools. Use them in new constructions, but also in renovation projects, in residential and commercial spaces. Depending on the application, the appropriate binding resin is available with which the quartz aggregates QUARTZ DECO will be mixed. For exterior floors and stairs, use the polyurethane resin QUARTZ DECO PU. For interior floors, stairs, but also in bathrooms, showers and swimming pools, use the epoxy resin QUARTZ DECO EPOXY. For interior and exterior walls, but also in decorative benches and interior furniture, use the hybrid resin QUARTZ DECO HYBRID. The method of application, consumption and selection of the appropriate grain size (or even the combination of grain sizes) all differ, depending on the aesthetic requirements, the use and the location of the application surface.