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Quartz Deco

Quartz aggregates of various grain sizes

QUARTZ DECO are natural quartz aggregates, in various grain sizes, colors and shapes, suitable for applications of decorative coatings on constructs and in a variety of architectural and decorative applications on floors, stairs and walls. By mixing them (available grain sizes from 0.1mm to 2mm) with the hybrid resin QUARTZ DECO HYBRID, they are suitable for interior and exterior wall and ceiling surfaces and for the creation of granite based plasters of exceptional aesthetic value and durability. The application method, the consumption and the selection of the appropriate grain size(s) (or even the combination of different grain sizes), all different, depending on the aesthetic requirements, the use and the location of the application surface.



Depending on the coating thickness of the mixture and the grain size of the quartz aggregates QUARTZ DECO. For grain sizes exceeding 2mm, the consumption is 7-13kg/m², while for grain sizes less than 2mm, the consumption is 4-8 kg/m².


Grain sizes >2mm: Paper bag of 25kg
Grain sizes <2mm: Paper bag of 20kg