DUROSTICK was awarded as Top Corporate Name - Superbrand

DUROSTICK was awarded as Top Corporate Name - Superbrand


On Monday, June 3, 2019, at the MEGARON, The Athens Concert Hall, the Corporate Superbrands Greece Awards 2018 - 2019 were held. The event honored the leading companies from all sectors of the Greek economy. The successful event was attended by many business executives.

DUROSTICK was awarded as Top Corporate Name - Superbrand

Durostick won the Top Corporate Name Award for 2018-19 in the category "Raw Materials and Construction Products".

The selection of Durostick as one of the Top Corporate Brands in Greece for 2018-19 is the result of a vote by both the Expert Review Board and the consumer audience, which rated in the course of a Public Opinion Survey, conducted by the polling company Marc.


From an initial list of around 1500 corporate brand names, 259 brand name companies were identified as leading companies in Greece that were recognized as Corporate Superbrands Greece 2018-19, including Durostick!

The criteria for this year's selection were the following:

  1.  Brand Identity & Reputation Power
  2. Reliability and Long Term Consistency
  3. Corporate Responsibility in the Sectors: Market (Quality & Price of Product or Service), Labor Relations (Legal & Transparent Operation, Climate & Practices), Society (Sponsorship, Cultural & Social Initiatives) and Environment (protecting and limiting negative environmental impacts).

Aim of Corporate Superbrands

The Corporate Superbrands organization is one of the largest independent reviewers of companies worldwide. Its aim and purpose are to pay tribute to the most renowned and well-established companies in the world.

Corporate Superbrands is a global organization that promotes the rewards of favorite brands. Superbrands as an organization is present in more than 89 countries, including all major global markets.

The coveted "Superbrands Status" reinforces a brand's position, adds prestige and distinguishes/raises its brand over its competitors. Only trademarks that are highly rated by the "Superbrands Council" and their respective audience surveys receive the "Superbrands Status" stamp, and only those companies can participate in the Superbrands Programs. The "Superbrands Council" is comprised of experts from the world of branding, advertising, marketing, design, product management, public relations, and business, and is the jury together with industry research for the definition of Superbrands of the year.

The story of the Superbrands

The Superbrands organization began in 1994 as a radio show on BBC Radio. The Superbrands radio show informed ordinary consumers about the major brands of that time.

Following the success of this broadcast, the Superbrands Organization was founded in 1995. Its main purpose was to promote the brand and the recognition of brands that were considered exceptional by critics and consumer audiences. At that time no one could have imagined that in just a few years the organization could have such huge success - or be the global institution it is today.

Today, the Superbrands organization is a leading brand recognition platform in the world and is based in more than 89 countries.

Superbrands Greece

The Superbrands Greece organization was founded in 2005. Since then, through independent research and a special jury, the strongest corporate brands in Greece are ranked every 1-2 years. The annual, by sector, business rankings are based on marketing experts, entrepreneurs and consumer market research.

Superbrands Greece is part of the world's largest independent brand rating organization who recognizes and pays tribute to outstanding brands by recognizing, rewarding and enhancing top brands worldwide.