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Innovation is linked to creativity.

However, creativity in an organization, in a company like ours is not limited to a good or a brilliant idea to someone has, or even ones' ability to think unconventionally. The implementation of an innovative idea involves all members of an organization that will participate in the various stages of manifesting that idea. From its successful communication and the selection of target group(s) that will benefit from this, to the creation of an innovative structure that runs throught every facet of that organization and forges the right environment and framework to conceive and spawn innovations for the benefit of the organization itself and society in general.

That is the way we think here in DUROSTICK. So through all these years we have created significant innovation specimens and manufactured products based on them, and through them solutions were created that address long-standing problems of building and construction. Innovative products that define our path, giving solutions that are smart, inexpensive, durable, convenient, changing the way we think about building problems, innovations that move things along. Browse through the innovative products of DUROSTICK and get ideas for your own house or work space. We will be at your side for anything you need….

Just like a new owner of a sailing boat observing from the shore with envy other boats maneuvering gracefully using their sails and engines, driving to their journey safely and confidently, asks himself 'it really needs a lot of knowledge, effort and hard work to sail! Do I really need this?' So, in the same way we here in DUROSTICK in the question 'it really needs a lot of knowledge, experience, hard work and effort to be an innovative company! Do we really need this? We answer with certainty and confidence ... 'but of course, how else we will continue to be at the top of the industry and tread safely in the building material market now, but also in the future?