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DUROSTICK gives great importance to the human factor. It is our belief that all people want and can contribute the maximum results from their efforts.
Our philosophy is focused on our uncompromising effort to help all employees in the company and all of our associates, to the extent that is feasible, to achieve their personal and business goals.
We always aim so our continues efforts contribute to increase added value for both the company and the products it manufactures, but also for the proposed solutions as well as the consumer and/or end-user. We firmly believe that the company’s' workforce as well as our associates (retailers), are the members of an organism.
Our presence in the competitive market is ensured by the 'health' of the organism individually, or in its entirety. In any case, the results we achieve are highly encouraging and lead our future steps steadily and surely. Through fair assessment we retain the best employees and together we unfold the future of the company, which we view with hope and optimism.

We learn from our successes but also our failures!

We provide our partners with quality products and value at competitive prices.
We support our trade relations with bellow the line sales promotion initiatives (direct advertising (print), sample applications of various products, display stands, technical seminars, technical advice and support, retail expertise teaching, etc.), as well as above the line promotion and advertising in mass media.