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DUROSTICK was founded in 1988 and is domiciled at Aspropirgos, Attica. The founders' mission and vision were always corporate development with respect to the human and the environment.

Supplying reliable and quality oriented solutions and providing excellent materials to the dream of all humans, their home, DUROSTICK moved on, making their name synonymous to quality and reliability.

Over the years in business, DUROSTICK managed to conquer a dominant position among the industries of the sector. The company operates ultra-modern, high tech mechanical equipment with a daily capacity of 900 tons of adhesives and paints. The company's product range covers all building disciplines to satisfy even the most demanding among customers.

The company's sales follow a trend of dynamic growth and its export effort grows stronger each year in markets such as England, Cyprus, Russia, Albania, Serbia, Romania, UAR, Libya, Kuwait and Egypt. DUROSTICK turned the concept of sustained development into a reality by investing in new environment protection technologies.

The systematic effort to improve the occupational environment conditions and the employees' health and safety, is one of the company's core objectives.

DUROSTICK mindset for offering salaries above union minimum wages, under modern management concepts that maintains that in a company, all employees must be chosen among the best, is proof of meaningful investment to the most valuable of assets: human resources!

DUROSTICK would like to thank all those that contributed to its growth so far and is committed to the continuous development of their products and services for honesty and integrity in the relations with clients and associates and loyalty to the needs of professional or DIYer consumers of DUROSTICK products.