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Acrylic, elastomeric roof sealant, high adhesion, solvent-free. Creates a single, watertight protective membrane, without joints. It perfectly covers capillary cracks and microcracks and 'prevents' their reappearance. It maintains its elasticity at temperatures from -20°C to +80°C, while it does not allow, in possible future contractions, to create moisture problems. Certified by the University of Athens (Department of Physics, Department of Applied Physics), as a 'Cold' material of low thermal conductivity and high reflectivity. It improves the energy efficiency of the building, by reducing the temperature of the roof surface, due to its high whiteness and reflectivity. It is classified as a concrete surface protector according to EN 1504-2.

Product Details

  • Consumption

    1.0kg/m² in two coats, depending on the substrate.

  • Packaging

    1kg, 5kg, 15kg

  • Color


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