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Xps Etics Emb

Extruded polystyrene used as insulation material for the External Thermal Insulation Composite System (ETICS) Thermoseal, as well as for insulation applications over pitched roofs and concrete surfaces. Available without skin, but textured (embossed) in a diamond pattern finish, providing higher adhesion and lower resistance to water vapour diffusion. Square edge panel available with special order.


Panel Dimensions (cm) 125 x 60
Packaging Packaging m2/Bandle          Thickness mm 15,0                          20 10,5                          30 7,5                            40 6,0                            50 5,25                          60 4,5                            70 3,75                          80
Identification Code XPS-EN13164-T2-CS(10/Y)200-DS(23,90)-WL(T)1,5 [20≤s≤80], WL(T)0,7 [s=100]-TR400 ftk>0,02 N/mm2, Gm>1,0 N/mm2
Declared value of thermal conductivity (λ) λD=0,033 W/m*K (20-60mm) / λD=0,034 W/m*K (70-100mm)