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DS Polymer

Multipurpose elastomeric sealant & adhesive

Advanced new technology, solvent and odor-free elastomeric sealant and adhesive. Available in 32 selected colors. It provides high adhesive strength and flexibility with resistance to UV radiation, moisture, acidic and alkaline environments. It does not yellow and it retains its original flexibility over time. It adheres perfectly to porous surfaces without priming. Ideal for sealing joints in kitchen cabinets and aluminum constructs (sealing around frames made of steel, aluminum or wood), as well as for grouting the joints between skirting and floor materials. Suitable for sealing joints on walls made of drywall, cement board, plaster, polycarbonate sheets, etc. Use it to create stands made of chipboard. Excellent and safe for installing bathroom mirrors.



Indicatively, one 340gr cartridge fills 8.6 linear meters of a 6x6mm joint.


340gr cartridge