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Acrylic Caulk

Siliconized and paintable

White sealant of acrylic base with high flexibility, without solvents. Suitable for filling perimeter joints around aluminum, wood and painted metal frames. Necessary for painters when sealing joints and hairline cracks on walls, after priming and before coating with emulsion or acrylic paints. It is recommended for covering surface cracks of 0.5-1mm width using a small putty knife, on roofs to be waterproofed with elastomeric waterproofers (Νο39, TECHNOPROOF or DS-220). Distinguished for its high adhesion and its long-lasting flexibility. When applied on exterior surfaces, coat with elastomeric acrylic paints, such as D-80 HYDROSTOP ELASTIC and  THERMOELASTIC COLOUR, to avoid cracking of the surface of the paint.



Indicatively, one 280ml cartridge fills 8 linear meters of a 6x6mm joint


280ml cartridge