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Hydrostop Silicone Plaster

Silicone based waterproof top coat plaster/render in paste form

Ready for use white or colored render in paste form that is suitable for creating smooth or textured surfaces. It eliminates the need for surface painting. Highly resistant to solar (UV) radiation. Offers high water repellency and high water vapour permeability (1st class per EN ISO 7783-2). Apply it as a decorative coating/render  indoors. It participates as a top coat render to the THERMOSEAL system of DUROSTICK.  It reduces the possibility of deterioration/erosion of the wall structures and of the structural elements due to the effects of CO2 (carbon dioxide), as well as other damage resulting from varying environmental conditions.


Consumption •Hydrostop Silicone Plaster Fine 1.0mm 1.8-2.0kg/m²/mm. • Hydrostop Silicone Plaster Fine 1.5mm 2.0-2.3kg/m²/1.5mm. • Hydrostop Silicone Plaster Grafiato 2.5mm 2.8-3.2kg/m²/2.5mm.
Packaging 25kg.