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Hydrostop Plaster DS-75

Textured finish, resinous, water repellent top coat plaster/render. Use it as the base for creating 24 colors.

Ready mixed top coat plaster, composed of high strength white cement, reinforced with acrylic resins. Provides excellent resistance to moisture and frost, without blocking the water vapour permeability of surfaces. Suitable for interior and exterior applications, on surfaces made of bricks, cement blocks, aircrete and concrete. Just by adding water, it creates a textured (rustic) decorative finished surface. It is painted in 24 permanent shades with the addition of pigments in powder form DUROCOLOR POWDER-C into the mixing water. It can be waterproofed, 15 days after its application (with the same scaffolding), with DUROSTICK D-18. Classified GP: CSIV/W2 per ΕΝ 998-1.



Approximately 9kg/m²/5mm thick coat