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Rapid set repair mortar with corrosion inhibitor
Multi-purpose fiber-reinforced and resin fortified sealing mortar. Its formula contains corrosion inhibitor that protects against concrete rebar oxidation. It presents powerful adhesion, frost resistance, low moisture absorption and 50% greater strength than concrete. It is ideal for highly demanding repairs of concrete elements and structures in rapid time (columns, beams, slabs, balcony edges and fascias, pools, storage tanks, walls etc). It seals gaps and honeycombs in concrete, as well as any construction defects on edges and corners. It restores damage and seals cracks on industrial floor surfaces indoors, but also loading ramps. In most applications, it replaces epoxy repair putties. Classified PCC R4 as concrete repair product, per EN 1504-3.


Consumption Approximately 16kg/m2/cm thick coat or 1.6kg DS-247 for filling 1lt of volume.
Packaging Carton box with 15 pcs of 1kg each one
Carton box with 4 of 5kg each one.