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Teak Oil

Natural oil for the protection and maintenance of wood with wax
Natural preservative and protective oil that contains wax, natural and synthetic resins, and UV filters. Periodic use of TEAK OIL preserves, revitalizes, and offers exceptional vividness and luster to wood surfaces. It also highlights the natural look of wood and upgrades its aesthetics. It protects wood from moisture, salt, and solar radiation. Suitable for the effective maintenance of garden and balcony furniture, boat decks, as well as all wood boat parts soaked in water. If the wood surfaces are soiled from oils, salts, gray or black spots, it is highly recommended to clean them first with WOOD CLEANER of DUROSTICK.


Coverage Approximately 10-13m2/lt per coat, depending on the absorbency of the wood.
Packaging 750ml, 2.5lt.