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Duroxyl Aqua

Waterborne impregnating color wood stain

Waterborne and odorless impregnating preservative for wood surfaces. Easily applied on interior and exterior surfaces. Apply it οn doors, windows, furniture, fences and pergolas. Apply it also on wood sheds and overhangs, roofing beams, balconies and terraces etc. Flexible with new age UV filters, that protects surfaces from intense sun light, without peeling, bubbling or bursting. For long lasting protection of exterior surfaces, it is recommended to apply over the cured stain either DUROLAC AQUA or MARINER AQUA of DUROSTICK.



Approximately 14-18/lt per coat, depending on the type and absorbency of the wood.


750ml, 2.5lt.


11 available colors and available in transparent finish. Produced in 88 additional, selected colors, through the DUROSTICK COLOR COLLECTION coloring system.