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Velatura Aqua

Undercoat for enamel paints

Exceptional undercoat of aqueous dispersion, suitable for any water soluble enamel paint. It spreads evenly and it exhibits excellent adhesion to new surfaces and already painted surfaces with solvent based enamel paints. It works and sands easily, it dries quickly and has great coverage. It prepares perfectly each surface to accept finishing paint coats. It is odorless, user and environment friendly and ideal for interior applications and especialy in enclosed spaces. Apply it on new and existing puttied wood surfaces (doors, windows etc.). Apply it also on skimmed surfaces made of marble based plaster and drywall. It is highly recommended for children rooms, hospitals, schools etc. Suitable for interior and exterior applications.



Approximately 10-12m²/lt per coat, on properly prepared surfaces


750ml, 2.5lt