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Acrylic waterborne wood putty

Repair wood putty with high adhesion and zero shrinkage. It does not stain the wood surface. It dries quickly and resists moisture creating a hard, durable and smooth surface that can be sanded and drilled, planed down and milled. Suitable for filling and covering imperfections on veneers, it seal gaps and joints on melamine as well as hardwood floors. Ideal for lacquered surfaces, chipboard, Formica, MDF, etc. Great for repairs on wood furniture, wood doors and ceiling panels. It is suitable for interior and exterior use. Available in 15 selected, traditional wood colors. Optionally, it can be painted immediately after drying, with any type of enamel paint. After use, close the container tightly. If the putty hardens a bit, add a small amount of water and mix to restore it to its original condition.



Depending on the application




Available in 15 selected, traditional wood colors