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Decofin Aqua

Acrylic waterborne matte finish varnish for styling vertical surfaces

Acrylic, water-based clear varnish of matte finish, suitable for interior use. Decorates and protects interior vertical surfaces that have been decorated with paints, microcement DS-250, DS-252 FLEX or DS-256 FLEX VELVET, microcement in paste form DS-258 DECO MICRO FLEX, decorative cement mortar DS- 259 DECO MICRO RESIN, as well as styling pastes such as STUCCO VIVERE of DUROSTICK. Creates a clear finish that highlights decorated surfaces providing depth without affecting their colors and uniqueness. It protects surfaces from everyday use and makes easy their cleaning with mild household detergents. Odorless, water-soluble it does not yellow or does it peel off.



1lt/12-13m² per coat, depending on the absorbency of the surface.




White, (becomes transparent when dry)