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Powder Coat

Spackling/patching paste (for covering defects up to 4mm/coat)

Cementitious and resin fortified spackling/patching paste that is highly resilient against moisture. Just add water to create an easy to use paste that is lump free and sands easily. Available in two colors, white and gray. Covers easily all manufacturing or pouring defects, in thicknesses up to 4mm/coat, without cracking. Apply it on finished, exposed concrete and plaster, thus saving time for painters. On surfaces that require a velvety smooth surface, apply a finishing top coat using STUCOFIX-P. Add the acrylic emulsion D-20 or DUROSTOP of DUROSTICK into the mixing water, at a ratio of 1 part emulsion to 3 parts water to increase moisture resistance when using it on exterior applications. Use the emulsion for interior surfaces to increase adhesion on previously painted surfaces. Classified GP: CS III/W0 per EN 998-1.



Approximately 1.4kg/m²/mm thick coat


5kg, 25kg


White, Gray