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Two component epoxy paint with solvents

High strength, solvent-based, two-component epoxy paint, highly durable and resistant to abrasion, chemicals and corrosive liquids, mineral oils, both salt and chlorinated water, but also to extreme weather conditions. It has high adhesion strength to concrete and plaster, iron, wood, MDF etc. Efficiently protects and decorates cement-based industrial floors in wineries, dairy plants and cheese factories, kitchens, slaughterhouses, gas stations, repair shops, car washes and garages. It is suitable for metal staircases and silos, bridges and ships, lofts made of chipboard, MDF etc. Paint with DUROEPOXY for the absolute protection of water tanks, fountains and pools. Available in three basic colors: white, gray and light blue. Use the Measuring System for Shade Rendering DUROCOLOR of DUROSTICK (20ml syringe packaging) together with the white color to create 120 additional colors. Create anti-skid surface by broadcasting QUARTZ SAND of DUROSTICK (with grain size from 0.01-0.5mm) on the fresh surface.



4-5m²/kg per coat, on properly prepared surfaces


4kg (A+B)


White, gray, light blue