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Wall Pro Nano Paint

Silicone based, self cleaning paint for plaster and concrete

High quality silicone based acrylic paint, suitable for use on exterior wall surfaces; highly resistant to adverse weather conditions. It does not saponify. Due to its innovative composition, it does not allow the absorption of air pollutants, such as nitrous, sulfur and carbon oxides, mud rain and soot from chimneys. It thus creates a powerful protective barrier for wall surfaces as it rapidly develops a photocatalytic reaction to degrade the pollutant, resulting in long term protection of the external surfaces in industrial or urban environments soiled by various pollutants. Water vapour permeable; at the same time water repellent. It prevents the absorption of moisture from the external environment and creates an ultra protective water resistant barrier of the wall surfaces. Ideal solution for both the renovation as well as the restoration of neoclassical, colonial, even historically preserved buildings, without altering their character and/or architecture.



Approximately 10.5-12m²/lt per coat, depending on the texture, the absorbency of the surface and the method of application


3lt, 10lt


Available in white that can be colored in 120 colors using DUROCOLOR, the Measuring System for Shade Rendering in 20ml syringe packaging