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Super Floor PU

Polyurethane and acrylic hybrid floor paint

Highly durable and water-soluble, polyurethane-acrylic, one-component hybrid paint. Distinguished for its strong adhesion to any mineral substrate, its great coverage, its excellent resistance to adverse weather conditions and UV radiation. Apply it to create an impermeable membrane that protects surfaces from water, as well as the abrasion caused by pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Ideal for the protection and decoration of concrete floors and columns, cement slabs, stairs, pavers, sidewalks, etc., as well as buildings exposed to salt spray from the sea. Choose the white color to coat over joints on paved floors, stairs and sidewalks to create the unique aesthetic image of the traditional Aegean style. Participates in the system for the protection and painting of sports fields (dB BLOCK + SUPER FLOOR PU). Use it in both indoor and outdoor courts, such as courts for basketball, volleyball, handball, private and public spaces, schools, hotels, etc., ensuring the safety and comfort of athletes during sporting activities and events. The uniqueness of the system lies in the application of three separate coats in total (one coat dB BLOCK and two coats SUPER FLOOR PU), resulting in the creation of a flooring system that is flexible, watertight and durable for everyday use as well as abrasion.



Approximately 8-10m²/lt per coat, depending on the texture, the absorbency of the surface and the method of application.


750ml, 3lt, 10lt


White, gray,
Special Order: green, brick red,