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Mineral Surface Paint

100% Acrylic paint, mold resistant

High strength acrylic paint, with long-lasting durability. Due to the special fungicidal components contained within its formula, it can protect the film of paint created on concrete, plaster, cement board etc. surface as it does not promote mold creation, algae and bacteria or fungi growth, outdoors. Distinguished by its strong adhesion, high performance and coverage. It does not saponify. It ‘allows’ the breathability of surfaces, being at the same time water vapour permeable. It is high resistant to the alkali of surfaces and doesn’t saponify. Ideal for the long-lasting protection of buildings exposed to permanent moisture, snow and sea salt.



Approximately 10-12/lt per coat, depending on the texture, the absorbency of the surface and the method of application


750ml, 3lt, 10lt


White, gray and can be colored in 120 colors using DUROCOLOR, the Measuring System for Shade Rendering in 20ml syringe packaging120 additional colors (DUROCOLOR system)