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Color creations using 20ml syringes

High quality ready made liquid pigments in convenient 20ml syringe packaging each one. Create the colors you desire through the color chart of the DUROCOLOR system, with 120 color recipies, or follow your inspiration and create your own unique color. Using the DUROCOLOR coloring system we can readjust the original color of choice and progressively evolve it. Color all emulsion and acrylic paints, elastomeric paints and waterproofers, water based enamels, epoxy base paints, as well as the decorative styling stuccos MATIZ Stucco Decorativo & STUCCO VIVERE and the pressed screed in paste form DS-258 DECO MICRO FLEX. Combine the white with epoxy and acrylic resins, without solvents, for the creation of unique constructs.



20 basic liquid pigments in 20ml syringe packaging.