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Natural stone grout for joints 8-50mm

Water repelling and frost-proof sanded grout for stone linings. It presents great adhesion strength and low shrinkage. After curing for 28 days the product becomes scratch resistant, as well as crack and moisture proof. Choose the white color grout for floors lined with various slates, to create the unique aesthetic image of the Aegean Archipelagos traditional decorative style. The available white grout can be colored in 96 permanent colors using the pigments in powder form, DUROCOLOR POWDER-C. Use the water repelling agent RENOLIT of DUROSTICK to prevent any discoloration and maintain the vibrant colors for many years to come. Classified as grout CG2/WAr per EN 13888.



Approximately 3-4kg/m², depending on the stone sizes, the width andthe depth of the joints.




Gray, white